If you’ve been with the GeniusWire community for a while, you know we’re all about helping quality, sustainable brands grow. Heavy emphasis on QUALITY.

Making it easy to identify growing ecommerce brands and superstar brand leaders with impact and doing good in the world, QUALITY IS KEY. Like what’s a product purchase, or building a brand, or investing in a brand, or any other time spent connecting with a brand without all of the feel good emotions that come with connecting with an IMPACTFUL, PURPOSEFUL brands?

Voila! We’re talking all about this over on our Product Hunt launch today:

GeniusWire - Browse quality e-commerce brands, handpicked by real people | Product Hunt
Discovering e-commerce brands should be easy and accessible to everyone. Find great brands that focus on quality & sustainability.

We're creating a conversation around how important it is to have a dedicated space for QUALITY brands. And of course, GeniusWire is not only powered by search tools for brands with a conscience, but it’s full of tools for impactful brand builders to save you time for free. See? We’re always thinking of the pain points.

We absolutely wanted to make a resource for you guys that put some thought into the integrity of doing business. It just goes perfectly with the before work that goes into making a purchase, investing in a company, or creating a great benchmarking list.

Here’s what we like to do: We like to do our research too. We wake up, grab our coffees, then start discovering. Yes we use AI to find our brands. But the details, the hand-picking of QUALITY brands is the fun part that comes next. The part we keep organic (think quality over quantity).

Oh, & something we also do is onboard IMPACTFUL brands to their private landing page, but either of these main activities we do at GeniusWire, it always includes some sort of exercise in connecting with quality brands. And if this type of research gets away from you, have no fear. You can pull from our already curated sections any time of day, for free. The point is, you can find the brands you’re looking for and their key metrics on our site.

Ok yes, so what exactly is a quality brand? We make sure we only add impactful, growing brands, of course. Problem solving brands with designs to "leave the world a better place than we found it". We find the basic key metrics to show their health, and then we highlight what makes them stand out, what kind of blueprint are they using to achieve their mission (“1% for the Planet”, “B-Corp”, etc.)

Be sure to save your favourite brands to your private list (like we love doing), and get weekly updates delivered to you in our digest to make life even easier and more purposeful. And let us know how you use GeniusWire. Would love to hear your thoughts!


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